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Alive Easter Series

March 28-30, 2024

Join us for a joy-filled Easter season at LifePoint! This is a time of reflection and celebration and we can't wait to come together as a community and celebrate that Jesus is Alive and that we can have a new life in Him!

Here are the details of series:

March 28, Thursday, 7-8 pm

March 29, Friday, 7-8 pm includes Communion and Ordinance of Humility (feet washing)

March 30, Saturday, 11:30 am Join us for friendly faces, uplifting music, and an inspiring message. Perhaps you would like a new life in Jesus and will choose to be baptized on this special day.

What to Expect at LifePoint

  • We are casual here at LifePoint. You will see jeans, shorts, dresses, and business casual attire. So, wear something comfortable and join us!

  • Not sure where to go? We have volunteers available at every turn. Look for the smiling faces and LP lanyards to indicate our Hospitality Team.

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