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Embracing Peace and Slowness

As we approach the season in which we celebrate Jesus' advent, a time that can often become hurried and filled with many tasks and expectations, I extend an invitation to each of you. In preparation for these special days of commemoration and joy, let us together embrace a spirit of unhurried peace and mindfulness. Here are three practical tips to help us all slow down and deeply appreciate the true essence of this special season.

1. Cultivate Daily Moments of Stillness

In the lead-up to this significant season, I encourage you to set aside a specific time each day for stillness and reflection. Whether early in the morning, during a break in your day, or in the evening, use this time to read scripture or meditate on God’s goodness. These moments are crucial for connecting with God and ourselves, reminding us of the profound significance of Jesus' advent.

2. Simplify Your Celebrations

As we prepare to celebrate this holy season, consider simplifying your activities. This doesn’t mean lessening the joy or significance of the season. Rather, it means choosing activities and traditions that resonate deeply with our faith and the commemoration of Jesus' birth. Whether it’s sharing a meal with loved ones, or engaging in a meaningful family tradition, simplifying can help reduce stress and create space for genuine connection and worship.

3. Making Space for Jesus in Your Celebration

In the weeks leading up to this season, let's make a conscious effort to create an expectation around Jesus. This could involve prominently displaying a nativity scene in your home, dedicating time for family Bible readings about the Nativity, or starting a new tradition that reflects the life and teachings of Jesus.

As we prepare our hearts and homes for this season of Jesus' advent, let us commit to a slower pace, allowing the peace and joy of God to fill our hearts. The greatest gift we can offer ourselves, our families, and our community is our presence, undistracted by the busyness of the season and focused on the love of Christ.

Pr. Ruben Ramos


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