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  1. A connection or series of connections linking two or more things.

  2. The central and most important point or place.

Every day we look to connect with people, ideas, and purpose. Many times this pursuit seems futile due to the brokenness in our world. The story of Jesus (gospel) is the nexus between you and a better future. We gain value, purpose, and direction when we connect to Christ. In this series, we will grow in our understanding of the gospel and how it can change our lives!


Due to popular demand, Circles are back for January. Every Saturday, round tables will be set up in the gym for worship and conversation after the sermon. Circles will be an excellent opportunity to meet new people every week and grow spiritually.

An online Circle will be available after the sermon. Click here.

Meeting ID: 904 268 7476
Passcode: 1010

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We exist to love God, love people, and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Out of this mission, joyful service is the overflow of discipleship, serving those in and outside the church. One of the ways we pursue and live out this discipleship trait is through volunteer opportunities.

We want to help you find a place to serve God and people through our church. For more information click here.


Due to the recent spike in Covid cases in our county, our church leadership strongly recommends that all wear masks when coming to church. We want to thank those who have started to use masks the last couple of weeks and those who have stayed home when experiencing symptoms and testing positive. We need your cooperation in keeping our space safe for all that attend. We are better together when we take care of each other. Thank you!

Pastor Ruben with this week's LifePoint Top 3!